Nothing excites me more than seeing others grow in confidence and skill as they learn new recipes and techniques or become familiar with a new ingredient or type of food . This happens typically through one-on-one or small-group classes in the home of the client. You will receive food education through hands-on experience, not just learning new recipes, but also the how and why behind them! You can bring an idea for a class to me or choose from the list below:

Paleo ABC's  Wanting to jump on the paleo bandwagon but not sure where to start? Learn the basics or we can even paleo-ify some of your favorite dishes!

A Whole New World  What in the world is tempeh? Kale? Spirulina? Become familiar with an ingredient that seems foreign or even intimidating

Guilt-Free Goodies    It is my firm belief that in order to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating, we must find a way to still treat ourselves. Learn recipes for goodies that allow you to feel like you're indulging without derailing you.

Juices and Smoothies   Noticing a trend of green smoothies or juice fasts and wanting to be in the know? Learn the basics of juicing and blending and receive some recipe ideas you may not have thought of before!

International  Do you love pad thai or curry, but spend a small fortune on weekly takeout? Learn how to make some of these well-loved recipes in a health-supportive way (of course!)