My food philosophy is not specific to one dietary trend, series of restrictions and "cheats," or exact number of macronutrients. I believe that what's best for one person may not be optimal for the other - whole grains may provide energy and balanced nutrients for one person while another feels best eating an entirely grain-free diet. Similarly, an individual may have moral convictions about eating animal byproducts or simply not digest meat well, while another feels their energy is most sustained by animal-based proteins.  For this reason I have chosen to promote a basic approach to eating focused on unrefined, seasonal, local & organic (whenever possible) foods with further customization based on the individual's preferences or needs. 

Some basic points about my approach that you should know before hiring me... 

I choose not to work with commercially raised animal products or byproducts. Items such as organic dairy, pastured eggs or grass fed beef may be more expensive to purchase, but I believe you cannot put a price on protecting the body from added hormones, consuming a healthier ratio of good fats vs bad fats and supporting organic or local agriculture as well as humane handling and health care of farm animals.

I do not count calories...or other macronutrients such as grams of fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. There is certainly a balance to be found when it comes to these, but I have found that when individuals focus on eating a satisfying amount of colorful vegetables and fruit, well-sourced proteins and healthy fats, the body typically will find its natural state of health without having to spend every moment tracking what goes on your plate and in your mouth.  

Fat is not the enemy and eating fat does not make you fat. If you are looking for a fat-free guru, I am not your woman...or your chef. Fat is an excellent source of energy, is needed by your brain to function properly and is essential for weight loss. Not to mention, it makes you feel more satisfied and your food taste better! You will never see me suggest or use trans-fats, but otherwise in my practice I have chosen to promote the use and embrace of healthy fats. There...doesn't that feel (and taste) better?!

 If you can get behind me on these points, we should get along just fine! 

Let's be friends and eat good food together.