The initial consultation is a great first step toward demystifying the concept of healthy eating and evaluating where you're at in your journey. Learn basics, ask questions in a comfortable, conversational atmosphere and make a game plan for where we'll go from here. 

*Follow up consultations are a quick and easy way to touch base, address questions or needs that have arisen and make new goals.*


Do you want to start with a blank slate or have you begun to notice old unhealthy foods creeping their way back into your formerly-healthy pantry? It can be difficult to eat to your health when your pantry is full of Standard American Diet fare. During a pantry cleanse, I will go through your pantry and help you rid yourself of the stumbling blocks, explaining why they are detrimental to your health as we go and telling you about the available alternatives.  


A recommended pairing with the pantry cleanse, a guided grocery tour teaches you to seek out the ingredients that will promote your health and avoid those that don't while equipping you to differentiate between valid health claims and marketing ploys. Gain confidence in your ability to stock your fridge and pantry with ingredients that will nourish you and that you will actually utilize in meals to come.

Combined with the Pantry Cleanse, the overall goal is to leave you with a kitchen stocked with whole foods and unprocessed ingredients so that you feel empowered and equipped to eat to your health.