This is where you bypass education and go straight to partaking in delicious, whole foods nourishment based on your desired level of effort. Take a peek and see which offer best suits your needs!


For those who would rather have the work done for them, therapeutic cooking education and Nourish Kits are not going to be the right fit. The solution? Enlist me as your personal chef! This could be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • I come into your home and prepare the designated amount of meals for the week, packaging food and cleaning up before I leave you with nourishing meals to get you through. 
  • I prepare your meals in my own kitchen and then deliver them to you, packaged and ready to go!

Once you've chosen your method of preparation, we'll discuss frequency and quantity of meals, dietary preferences/restrictions, and establish any goals you may have for yourself...then we're off! It's that easy.